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Rim Tape

29mm Rim Tape
Price:CHF 25.00


Whether you’re struggling to get your tires to seal, or taping up a new pair of wheels, our tubeless rim tape is the perfect way to spruce up your wheels. Available in three different widths – 29mm, 32mm, and 34mm – the tape has a Silicon-based adhesive that leaves no residue when removed and each 10m roll will provide enough tape for four wheels. We recommend using tape that is 3 to 5mm wider than the inner rim width, as measured between the inside edges of the bead hooks of a rim.


  • Provides an airtight seal for use with tubeless tire systems.
  • Silicon-based adhesive leaves no residue.
  • Slick surface assists tire seating during inflation.

No Hassles

  • Easy application for all tubeless rim systems.