About Our Carbon
We don’t just use carbon to build bikes because it looks cool and everyone is doing it. We pioneer advanced materials and production methods to build the most durable and high-performance bicycles because it’s the way to ensure that riders can just enjoy riding their bike. Our experience with carbon production allows us to build bikes that are so reliable that we can provide an anxiety-reducing lifetime warranty with them.

We Know What We're Doing
We design, test and prototype our carbon technology in Santa Cruz, CA. Our carbon lab gives us the capacity to research carbon layup optimization that we can apply to our production frames, and research and test new manufacturing processes and techniques. Our production bikes are strong as hell, and we feel we have a good handle on our toolbox of materials, but having the carbon facility in the same building as the engineers allows us to push our understanding forward, and take advantage of emerging materials technology.

We Build It Ourselves
Our frames are manufactured in our exclusive factory (Skybox). We founded this manufacturing facility ourselves because we wanted to be able to control how our designs were produced, to ensure quality control, and to make sure the advancements we design remain proprietary to us (we’re not being selfish, it just sucks when someone peers over your shoulder to get the answer you’ve worked hard to figure out).

What’s more, if something needs improving, we have the capacity and capability to change it, before it gets into your hands. And that’s why Santa Cruz riders suffer no missed rides.